Gatorade GActive Launch

On June 21, I was invited by the Gatorade team to be part of the launch of their new G Active Water. It was at the newly opened One Canvas events place in Pasong Tamo and boy did they dress the place up.

My Onelife babies (L-R): Sarah, Lara, & Laarni

Kudos to the Gatorade team for sprucing up the place big time. When my team and I got to the venue, we instantly felt in tune with the fun and energetic vibe. There were cute inspirational decals everywhere and the music was hip and on point. The invite said “get ready to crush a high-energy hybrid workout session” and the venue alone was enough to already get our heart rates up.

The impressive visual display definitely set the mood

The high-energy hybrid workout was a Yoga, Cycling, Functional Training, and Dance Cardio session rolled into one. Unfortunately, I have no pics of the exercise proper, because, well, I was too busy trying to crush the workouts (hehe)! I especially enjoyed the Yoga and Dance Cardio sessions because I’m a big fan of dynamic warm-ups (Yoga) and because I have two left feet and I love a good coordination challenge (Dance Cardio).

Check out the cycling setup! Yup, they brought Schwinn bikes in for the day!

Me and my team got to workout with the GActive fit crew! I must say these guys look amazeballs while sweating it out and they definitely live an active lifestyle. Check them out below:

The GActive Fit Crew (L-R): Aubrey, Vince, Ida, Nikki, Isabelle, Raymond, Patty, and Arnold

So what’s so special about GActive? Think electrolytes you need for proper rehydration after a workout without the usual sugar that comes with your usual sports drink. The best part: 0 CALORIES! Yup, you read that right. As for me, I can already say sign me up especially since I’m not that big of a water drinker (trying my best to change this ASAP!) and I often end up dehydrated after my training and running sessions.

Yup, it’s extremely refreshing especially when served super cold!

My studio, Onelife, is one of GActive’s official studio partners in Manila! Watch out as we’re planning some special stuff for everybody coming very soon. Thank you again Gatorade Philippines for having me and my team over!

The Gatorade GActive water is now available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores and is coming to top fitness studios (Onelife included of course!) in Manila very soon.

(L-R): Onelife team: Jan, Sarah, Laarni, Lara, Karla, and me

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