I’m on CLOZETTE.co!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.51.05 PM
Pinch me! I’m on Clozette.co!

In March, I was featured on Clozette.co, one of Asia’s biggest online social networks for women. I never, not in my wildest dreams, thought that I’d ever be in the spotlight of a website as big as this one. For those of you who know me well, I’m pretty shy when it comes to these things and I always have little voices in my head that tell me I may not yet be worthy. But hey, guess what, the universe helped make it happen and I am beyond thankful!

The writer, Amanda Arambulo, was able to pen down my thoughts beautifully (thank you Amanda!). I shared my entrepreneurial journey and how I turned my passion for fitness into my very own business. Here’s my favourite excerpt from the feature:

AMANDA: You’re the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay inspired and empowered to make that happen every day?

TANYA: I believe passion is like the light of a candle — it flickers. Sometimes it goes out. And believe me when I say I do stumble upon those moments when I find it challenging to stay inspired. What gets me through is me not being too hard of myself and acknowledging that we all go through cycles of ups and downs. I don’t beat myself up for sometimes going off track with my goals or my lifestyle, and I constantly remind myself that I can always light up the candle again.

Read the full feature here. If you love it, please share it! 🙂

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