Nike Women Fall 2017 Collection Launch

Last Tuesday, I was invited to join in the ultra exclusive private launch of Nike Women’s Fall 2017 collection and boy it was amazing! The new collection is called Chrome Blush and the millennial pink colour palette is just gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 8.54.50 AM.png
Guys, when I said exclusive, I meant it! All this beautiful setup for an intimate group of 12 of Manila’s most influential tastemakers!
With my girl crush Monica Torres. She’s holds the fastest IronMan finish time for the country! She is beyond amazing and when I grow up, I wanna be just like her! (Btw, we’re the same age hehe)

The event started off with a short welcome speech from Nike Philippines’ country marketing manager, Patrick Reyes. He shared about Nike’s continuous efforts to innovate  for the female athlete* and told us about the many more exciting things ahead for us ladies. (*If you have a body, you are an athlete!)

The Chrome Blush collection launch team (L-R): Monica, Katz, and Me!

After Pat, it was our show! My good friend Katz hosted the event and kicked things off with a short interview with Monica. Monica talked about the challenges of being a professional triathlete and how she is able to cope with the changes in her body, setbacks, and how she keeps going. I think the most important thing she reminded me is that no one else can motivate you better than yourself. Everyday is a different battle and you just have to decide to show up and run the day. 

Monica is also just like me!!! New cute training clothes make her extra excited to crush a workout. (I’m sure you ladies can relate too!)

After that, we had an in-depth view on Nike’s latest innovations! The most awesome one being the new Nike Vapormax shoe. Not only was the pair gorgeous, guys, with these shoes you are literally walking on air. The Vapormax drops in-stores this Saturday, July 13! Trust me when I say you gotta get your hands on a pair. I think there’s only a few pairs available so best to head out asap before stocks run out!

Say hello to the new Nike Vapormax. *Mic drop*
The Nike Pro Indy Bra got a makeover too! Now more supportive and the fit is even more amazing! Oh and yes, I finally got to model a sports bra hahah! (Achievement Unlocked!)
I. want (make that NEED). them. all.

Nike’s innovations don’t end in footwear or training gear. Nike brings Yoga to the Nike+ Training Club app. Yoga is an amazing way to train for mobility and strength and more and more pro athletes worldwide have been including this in their training for a more well-rounded program. That and Yoga not only trains your body, it is an amazing tool to train for mental endurance and focus too.  If you haven’t updated your app, its time to download the new version now and try out the great Yoga programs in there.

Tanya Aguila - Nike
That’s me leading the NTCYoga launch! Hehe!
What I love about Yoga is it always ends in Savasana. That means its just you and your mat and absolute calm!
Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.32.39 AM.png
So privileged to lead these ladies through the first ever NTCYoga live session in Manila! They were real troopers and they nailed it! 🙂

We ended things with a sumptuous dinner by Chef Jessie. It was the perfect cap for the day. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos of the food but the food was made to match the pink hues of the day too! Nike sure knows how to spoil us!

And that’s a wrap folks! Super fun day with these ladies


The dream team! That’s the Nike team that worked behind the scenes. 🙂

Don’t take my word for it! Check out the new Nike Women Chrome Blush collection for yourselves and get ready to shop. Anyway the NTCYoga that just dropped on the app is reason enough to grab some new cute training gear for you to use when you hit the mats. 🙂

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