Meet My Nike Girl Fam

I was thinking of something to write about while waiting at a cafe for a small get together with a few of my favourite girls when it hit me. I should write about my girls! πŸ™‚

Nike fam catching up. Always love it when we’re altogether.

While most of you may know that I’m a trainer for Nike Philippines, I think it will be awesome for you guys to get to know the other ladies that I consider as my Nike fam. They’re beautiful, amazing, goal-getting women and they really inspire me in more ways than one.

Team Nike PH representing in Indonesia for the NIKE+ TRAINING CLUB Tour in Jakarta!

So here they are and what they’re all about. I hope you guys enjoy getting to know them too!

    The chic-est one in the bunch! Trish does not only have the fiercest poses but she’s also the fiercest friend one can ask for. I know she’s got my back!

    Follow her on IG: @TrishAyson
    Trish is a superwoman! She is my go-to for #nuTRISHion tips (get it?) and she was the catalyst for me going vegetarian. She founded HIIT Philippines, Girls Got Game PH, and also is one of the brains behind JMA Jewellery. This young lady is uncompromising and has the highest standards for everything. She reminds me to always do my best work and always aim for my best self.

    Follow her on IG: @Liangaudence
    Lian is a firecracker! Never a dull moment with this retired cheerleader. She’s a full time sports scientist and coach and recently she’s been dabbling into events hosting. This little lady is an absolute riot to work with and I always have a fun time when we get to coach together. She reminds me to take life in stride and always stay positive.
    Never a dull moment with Katz, the star!

    Follow her on IG: @KatzSalao
    This lady is AH-mazing! She’s a super radio DJ and she’s one of the best event hosts out there right now. She also handles the marketing for her salon, Headzone. All of that while she does her show, Gameplan TV, and also while teaching rocking cycling classes over at Ride Revolution. Soon she’s going to finish her Pilates instructor certificate ion and will be teaching at Onelife too! This woman reminds me to stay body positive and to always show myself some love. Her confidence shines through and when I’m feeling insecure, she reminds me that there is so much in all of us to be proud of.

    Kat is an absolute stunner, right?

    Follow her on IG: @KatReambillo
    Can I just say, this lady is GORGEOUS. She’s an absolute stunner. First time I met her, I really had a girl crush on her! But don’t let her looks deceive you. She’s a CrossfitMNL coach and a Flyweight boxing coach (yup, she’s into hardcore workouts!). Β This girl reminds me that we can be equally strong as our male counterparts and that its always good to find new challenges that take us out of our comfort zones.


    The first momma of the bunch! Love you to bits Lala!

    Follow her on IG: On Hiatus!
    This momma is the sweetest, funniest, and most sincere momma I know. When I become a mommy, I wanna be able to take it in stride just like her. She’s given birth to one amazing boy, Evan, and on top of all that, she’s managed to stay fit and fresh. She’s also managed to put up her very own fitness line, Shop Machita, alongside juggling coaching at Flyweight and Saddle Row. This woman has constantly reminded me to always take care of myself and to never let myself go. To be able to give to others, I have to make sure I am coming from a place where I feel whole.

    Career woman and modern homemaker extraordinaire Ally!

    Follow her on IG: @Allylimgonzales
    We call Ally our mamasan! She was the one who brought us all together. Ally does marketing for Nike Philippines and she’s been responsible for bringing to life the many amazing events for Nike. On top of all that craziness, she’s also a cycling instructor at Ride Revolution. Recently she’s been dabbling into building her first home (she just got married in the last few months) and already she’s excelling at that too. She’s been an amazing mother to two award winning chow-chows and her potted plants are beyond IG worthy. This girl always reminds me that there is always more room to grow. She’s challenged me to get better and better in every aspect I can think of – my health, my career, my goals. Guys, this lady right here is the one responsible for me crushing my first half marathon.

    Smart, strong, sexy, and sweet Dr. Ian!

    Follow her on IG: @Ibanzon
    Is there anything this girl can’t do? She’s a doctor, a triathlete, a model, a running coach, a cycling instructor, the list goes on. She puts on a lot of hats and has achieved so much at such a young age! Ian has truly redefined success in more ways than one for me. I love this woman because she’s always reminding me that we are made to be more, do more. She’s an amazing friend and she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll meet.

I had so much fun with the ladies this day! Nike spoiled us with a surprise shopping spree at the Commonwealth store.

I’m incredibly lucky to have met these awesome 6 ladies. Thank you universe for bringing us together! It’s always good to have a group of strong women behind you so don’t be afraid to go out there and find your tribe. I’m lucky I have these ladies challenging me to stay true to myself and to keep going for what I want. They also keep me young at heart. πŸ™‚

Me and my loves at the NIKE+ TRAINING CLUB launch this year.
This is from our recent training in SG with the main Nike+ Training Club momma, Marie Purvis!

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