Reflections on my 35th

Today I celebrate my 35th birthday. Its true what they say – time does fly.

For those closest to me, they know I absolutely dread getting older (hence the “girl” in Girlboss hehe) – and leading up to today, I’ve been feeling a bit taken aback. I was reflecting on how every year, life’s a bit more serious, with more responsibilities, and more expectations over my shoulders. With every year, life is becoming more like a task list to be finished, a list that gets longer by the day. Sometimes it feels like a contest to be won, and that every year the stakes are higher. That and aging really does take a toll on you when you don’t find the time to take care of yourself (hello slower metabolism, wrinkles, and more 😂). So naturally, I wasn’t really feeling it and I was feeling a bit depleted. 😅

Last Saturday, my husband Ferdinand surprised me with a little get together with a few people dearest to me and today, my dream team surprised me with a little celebration too and suddenly it hit me: my cup never runs empty and cliche as it might sound – the journey is just as important as the destination, thanks to my family, friends, and team. I’m grateful for the time spent with loved ones, the dreams being built together, the privilege to share, serve, and inspire, and the not-so-picture perfect moments that make us feel at our happiest.

And while the task list we call the daily grind is important, at the end of the day, it should never take the spotlight away from people and moments that we love. They make up the compass that keeps us on the right road towards what truly makes up a happy and full life.

One of my favorite mentors sent me a very apt birthday greeting and I’d like to share it today:

“The journey IS the destination Tanya, and when you look back with the perspective of age, more than the financial milestones or career milestones, what you will hold dear and reminisce about are the moments when you connected with people (team, family, friends, others) and genuinely made a difference.

Keep that focus every day, and the daily grind will transform into joy.”

And so on my 35th, I’m no longer afraid to embrace my age and the new pace and priorities that come with it. 💙 Our cup is always full and adventure can always be found in the small things, if we just look at things differently. (And now more than ever, self-care is paramount, so that I can continue to give more of myself to those whom I love).

So far, this year is off to a great start. ✔️ The adventure continues as Girlboss and She-EO. 💙

Tanya Maria Aguila
35th Self-Portrait at my Ikigai, ONELIFE

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